What is Initial Test?

What is Initial Test?

What is the initial test is a question that is mostly asked? If any candidate either girl or a boy wants to join Pakistan Army, Navy or Air Force. He/She have to pass a test known as “Initial Test”. This test is held before ISSB or anyother testing procedure. Candidate have to apply online through the respective forces site when the courses are offered. This online application is called “Registration” for the initial test. The initial test is mandatory for those who have applied as a commissioned officer as well as for a soldier applicant.

What is Registration Slip?

Once a candidate is registered, a slip has been generated on computer screen. Candidate needs to print out the slip and bring along to test center on the date mentioned on the slip. This slip is called registration slip officially. In few cases, like PMA Long Course slip generates after few days. Candidate have to login again through their CNIC number and check for slip update. Soon after it generates, candidate can take print to sit in the test. Usually after registration there are few weeks to prepare for test. In case of PMA long course candidate have to wait for months to appear in test due to large applicants.

Documents and Basic Instructions

On registration slip, the guidance regarding time, test, center, documents, things not allowed are mentioned on it. Candidate need to attach a blue background passport size picture on registration slip. And bring the original documents that include; Domicile, Degree of Matric and FSc, and transcript (result card of Matric and FSc). Those who have applied on hope certificate needs to bring that along too. A nominal fee around 300 is required to submit on test date. A stamp is marked on the backside of your degree for confirmation of your test appearance. Please try to remove plastic coating before from official documents otherwise, you have to do it in a hurry and may damage your official documents. Please follow the instructions properly as it may create problem at the time of test. We recommend you to reach 30 minutes before the time mentioned on test to avoid any inconvenience.

Test Center Information for Initial Test

The initial test usually held to your nearest center. The system automatically picks your current address added during registration. And select the nearest center for you. So please input the current address carefully, there is also an option of selecting your preferred test center. That allows the system to choose the center for you, but if you face an issue of center not reachable, you can contact the center to ask them to change for you. For Army ASRS (Army Selection and Recruitment Center), For Airforce (Information and Selection Center) and for Navy (Recruitment and Selection Center) are the test places. These centers are available almost in all major cities that are Lahore, Rawalpindi and Karachi etc.

Test Briefing

On the day of test, after verification of document you are required to sit in a hall. First they will provide you a briefing of whole testing system and procedure. As mostly, tests are conducted online and students from backward areas and other have less knowledge about it. For the reason they give complete briefing regarding their online testing system. You can ask questions freely any time if you donot understand. That briefing include how to start and solve the test, how to answer, skip, review the questions. Each category will be properly briefed. And finally how to submit the test if you are done. Or else if time finishes it automatically show the results.

Test Basic Guideline

Upon your turn, you are requested to enter into test hall or room. The invigilator will guide you and ask you login on your system with your unique ID. Test will only start when you press start. So no need to worry, just login to the system. Just sit back and read things in relaxing mood. That will help you solving question. Upon reading instruction, you can move to verbal section and press start to attempt the test.

Test Sections and Details

The guideline of test is for standard PMA Long Course. On the other hand, there is a slight difference in other courses test but mostly same. Following are the details of test shown below:

What is initial Test?

Intelligence Test

Verbal Intelligence Test

In verbal test, there are usually 96 MCQ type questions. And the time given for that is 35 minutes. Most importantly, In some cases there are 80 questions with 30 minutes of time. Candidate is required to pass this test with minimum 50% marks. Otherwise you are considered fail and can go home. Therefore passing the test is mandatory. Moreover, if you pass the initial test, you can move to next screen. Which is of Non-Verbal test. In spite of starting the test in a hurry, we suggest you to relax a bit. You can go for having a glass of water or for washroom. In other words candidate can relax.

Non Verbal Test in Initial Test

In contrary to Verbal test, this test is pictorial based test. As it allows the same analysis of candidate so it is preferred mostly. Although this test has the same testing procedure, however the time is extra. There are 80 question in most cases with 40 minutes. But, sometime 64 questions in 30 minutes. In comparison with verbal test, student need to pass this also to proceed to next text. Unfortunately, if you are unable to pass the test, you need to go and leave the test center. This failure is known as Screening Out of test. Learn more about Non verbal Test.

Subjective or Academic Test

As mentioned earlier, that initial test varies for different course. Especially Subjective section is different from the rest section. All other sections are almost same. This test includes 50 questions related to your 5 subjects and have 25 minutes to solve. Like all above test, this test must also be passed to proceed further.

  • Math
  • English
  • Physics/Chemistry/Biology (Depending upon the course)
  • Pak Studies
  • General Knowledge(Science Group)
  • Islamiat

Physical Test (Initial)

Upon successful attempt of all three test. Candidate have to go to the invigilator and ask for a stamp and physical test date. Most of the time they call on the very next date. But in some cases 2-3 days are provided. Following tests are held on physical fitness test

  • Running Test 2.2 Km in 8 minutes
  • Chin ups 3 repetition in 2 minutes
  • Push-ups 15 repetition in 2 minutes
  • Sit ups 15 repetition in 2 minutes
  • Ditch crossing 7 feet jump

If candidate pass all these test, he/she are given the initial medical test date. In case fails, a re-physical test date or rejection in signed.

Medical Test (Initial)

This is a small scale medical test that checks the following things:

  • Weight (BMI)
  • Height 5.4 feet minimum
  • Chest (breath and unbreah gap 5cm)
  • Knee Knocking (should not strike)
  • Flat Foor
  • Bone checking
  • Nose and Ear
  • Blood Pressure
  • Eyesight (Power) and Colour Blindness

Note: If candidate have issues in medical, they refer it to CMH/MH/ or PAF hospital for proper checkup. That is free of charge. Only if medical is clear candidate is given a date for interview.

Interview (Initial)

Initial Interview are conducted respective forces center. Additional instructions are to prepare for general knowledge and subjective questions. Along with your basic introduction. Try to wear neat and simple dress. With a good hair cutt is preferred. However there is no need of fauji haircut. But make sure your looks are decent. Also prepare for the question that why you want to join this force? Only passing students get the ISSB Form. And need to fill in 2-3 weeks and submit back to center.

Final Remarks

Finally, if you are interested to learn more about test and preparation you may join our online academy. The best of this academy is the expert trainers who can guide you. And make your success guaranteed. Additionally, the online classes will help you learn and prepare by sitting at home. Instead of moving to other places and wasting your money. Initial test is not about knowledge only, it includes, practice, techniques, management, and skills. ISSB academy is a platform that has the team which can make you successful not only in this test but in any of your future test appearances.

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